Before I tell you about my awesome adventure, I would like to say that I am sorry for not posting on this blog.  Anyways I’m Kirra, you probably already know that my family and I went on a long road trip through Mexico and Central America, and we are now living in Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica.

Life on the road was definitely different from my normal life in California, but it was really cool.  There was a lot of places that we visited on the trip, but some of my favorite places we went to were Scorpion Bay, Barra de la Cruz, Lake Atitlan, and El Zonte.  Scorpion Bay was super fun, because  I got to surf with my best friend every single day, before being separated for a whole year.   There wasn’t much do there but surf, but thats all I wanted to do.   After crossing the sea…in a ferry, we headed down the coast of Mexico and arrived to a new destination, Barra de la Cruz.   Barra is known as this awesome right point break that usually is perfectly barreling, but the sand bar was messed up so it didn’t live up to the hype.  We stayed at a hostel called Pepe’s, and we met a lot of cool people; Mel and Ashley,  a family from Arcadia.  a crew of swiss people who were making a surfing movie, and  ton of other people!


After Mexico we crossed our second border into Guatemala.  it was time to ditch the beach and head inland to the majestical, Lake Atitlan.   The whole time that we were in Mexico it was blazing hot, so it was really nice to have some chilly weather.  Lake Atitlan was a very pretty, and cool since there was three volcanoes right there at the lake.   We went and checked out the little shops that they had on the street, the prices were pretty low so i bought a few things.  One day we went across the lake to our friends hotel, Joey and Carolina.  We went for a swim in the lake, and we even jumped off a few rocks.  Lake Atitlan was such a beautiful place and  highly recommend visiting there.

IMG_4034 IMG_4064

My last favorite place is El Zonte, El Salvador.  We camped in our van for about a week, right next to the beach and we had the sickest set up.  Horizonte had two pools, one in the main area, then one over some stairs to a little area where you can hang, eat some food and watch your own dad surf!!  This place was really amazing and i owl definitely go back.


So after our two month long trip we made it to the final destination, Playa Avellanas.



Thank You for reading,

Kirra Williams