Hello,  sorry that I have not been posting anything lately. Well, if you are wondering about how my trip, it was AMAZING, PHENOMENAL, FANTASTIC. My favorite places were probably Scorpion Bay, Barra de la Cruz, Lake Aticlan, el Zonte or Popoyo. I really do like all of the places I visited but those are just my favorite places. I like the surf spots the most. For example, Scorpion Bay has a super long right  point break. That bay has up to 9 points there, maybe even more. The place that I surfed most of the time was 2nd point, sometimes 1st point. I think the best point is 3rd point. I never got to surf there but if there is a good size swell that point is fabulous. I just wish there was a 3 to 4 foot swell while we were there. 2nd point is a point that you can catch the longest wave in your life. When we were there, my sister’s best friend was there to. They were there because each year they go on  trip with 2 other families and they drive from California to Scorpion bay. Its about a 15 hour drive. Not that long. My sister was super happy. When we were there, someone told me that if theres a big swell that you can catch a mile long wave.  It is practically from 3rd point to 1st point.  I really love Scorpion bay.  Our family is thinking of going next year. If you want to come its is fine with me.

Barra de la cruz is in southern Mexico and it is a right point break as well. We stayed at this little hostel called Pepes.  We got to meet people from all around the world. The surfing was so fun. My dad told me that the point was messed up. I thought it was perfectly fine. On the beach there is this really good restaurant. When ever we ate there I usually got there fish sandwich with lemonade. Their fish sandwich was so good and their lemonade was awesome. One of the days we were there, my dad, this kid named Cory, and I went on this crazy adventure to go fishing. We totally went on the wrong path. When we came back, we found the path we should have gone on. That is why Barra de la Cruz is one of my favorite places.

Lake Atitlan is a lake in Guatemala. My mom and dad found this really cool hotel that we stayed at. It was a cheap price but really fancy. My sister and mom wanted to shop because how good the prices were on everything. I thought the prices were expensive. On are 3rd day that we were there, we went to visit our friends Joey and Carolina on the other side of the lake. They were doing the same trip as us. So when went to go visit them we got to jump off of some pretty big rocks into the lake. The water was so cold  there about 60 or 70 degrees. There was one rock that was about 12 foot tall that jump of of. That day was so fun. On one of the nights we went to this really good restaurant. It was pretty good. Lake Atitlan was a fun spot but it didn’t have a place to surf.

El Zonte, El Salvador, is a right point break. We stayed at this hotel that had a sky pool. I didn’t get to go surfing because how big it was. It wasn’t that big it just was really powerful. The food there was expensive but so good. It was the best food I had eaten on the trip so far. The sky pool was so cool because it looks right to the beach and whenever my dad went surfing we could see him. There were only 2 girls that were working at the hotel but they made it seem like there were a lot of people that worked there. There was also another pool that was more for the kids. I really liked that place because it was nice and mellow.

Popoyo is a beach break. My dad went there about 1 year ago. We stayed at the same place that he stayed at when he came to visit. The place that we stayed at in Popoyo had a really big pool. The first night we stayed there we went down to the beach for sunset. It was so beautiful. When we were at the beach me and my sister played hermit crab races. it was really fun. It brought back a lot of memories. My mom made dinner in the Falcon each night. We tried surfing a couple of times but it just wasn’t that good. On the last day we were there, my sister got an appendicitis. We had to drive to the clinic. They said that they couldn’t do the blood test so then they sent us to the hospital.  They did the blood test but then they said that they couldn’t do the surgery so they send us 3 hours away to Managua.  They did the surgery. My sister was so scared. Even though that happened, I still think that place was really beautiful.

A couple of months ago we arrived to our final destination, COSTA RICA, PLAYA AVELLANAS. Right when we arrived, I was extremely happy. It was pretty cool driving through Mexico, Guatemala, El  Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua then finally to COSTA RICA.

Thank you for reading,

Kai Williams

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