What We Do

Our Programs

With the support of volunteers and donors, The Shine Project Foundation has been able to provide a variety of enrichment activities and opportunities for those with special needs to comfortably explore their interests, creativity, and vocational skills completely free of cost. In the past year alone, The Shine Project Foundation has served roughly 500 special needs individuals, connecting them with an inclusive special needs community.

The Shine Project Foundation has multiple recurring programs to connect those in the special needs community with resources and support. Here are some of our recurring events and programs:

Discovery Arts & Showcase

This event provides a welcoming space for families with children, teens, and young adults with special needs to participate in hands on arts, crafts, music, movement activities, as well as the opportunity to perform special talents they have on a stage. The event offers interactive activities lead by local organizations, businesses, and volunteers; connecting families and individuals with special needs to each other, and to local community resource partners. 

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The Beach Fun Day Series

Over the course of the summer, we provide multiple fun, safe, and structured days at the beach. Our community and typical peer volunteers help guests learn how to surf, play with them in the water, and play games with them on the beach while parents are able to relax and enjoy their day on the beach.

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Family Fun Picnic and Family Day

Shine in Costa Rica