Shine Event Gallery 2014 to present.  *Click on IMG for videos.

Shine Sisterhood Event, Encinitas House of Art, March 2021  


Shine Christmas Outreach, North County San Diego, December 2020

Shine Virtual Christmas Sing a long and Hot Chocolate Cooking activity, December 2020


Shine Spooky Art Event, Encinitas House of Art, October 2020

IMG_8126 IMG_8157

Shine Covid Meal Outreach, North County San Diego, Spring 2020

Shine Easter Outreach, North County San Diego, April 2020

Cooking with Shine (virtual), Spring 2020

Good Vibes Reggaefest Fundraiser, February 2020

IMG_9773 IMG_9814 IMG_9795  

Shine Beach Fun Day Oceanside Harbor, October 2019 IMG_1411

Shine Beach Fun Day Carlsbad State Beach, October 2019 



Shine Beach Fun Day Moonlight Beach, Encinitas 2019

Shine Beach Fun Day Virginia Beach, Virginia June 2018

Shine Family Field Day and Picnic, Encinitas Community Park, May 2018 IMG_1997

 Shine Discovery Arts Showcase, Capri Elementary, Encinitas, February 2018 IMG_1565 IMG_1566 IMG_1582 IMG_7204 IMG_7238

Shine Discovery Art Camp, Coastal Music Studios, February 2018

IMG_1309 IMG_1333 IMG_1365

Shine Central America 2014-2015: Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica