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Banding Together was founded in 2009 by the parent of a child with autism and two music therapists to meet the unmet needs of youth with special needs in our community. Families were experiencing firsthand that music was an effective and motivating modality to help their loved ones develop. However, they were frustrated that they couldn’t access music therapy services due to lack of financial resources for their children while already being burdened by the costs required to care for individuals with special needs. After years of trying to help families find alternative funding sources (e.g., insurance or state funding), the 3 founders decided to start a nonprofit to meet this need. Banding Together is a grassroots organization that wouldn’t be where it is today without supporters who believe in our mission: to bring unique music opportunities to individuals with special needs in our community. This is accomplished through key objectives that include providing music therapy scholarships and free programs such as Jam Sessions and Soundcheck Jams.

Banding Together is doing a live virtual Rock Star Club, open Jam Session on their Facebook page at 3pm.  No experience necessary, all ages, just your self and an instrument.